The Best Gift Card Gift Ideas to Give This Year

Every holiday season, gift cards are one of the most popular gifts. Shopping for a gift card can be time-consuming and expensive. So why buy a gift card when you can get a universal code that will work at virtually any online store that sells physical goods? If you’re looking to gift someone this holiday season but don’t know what to get, check out these tips on how to buy gift cards at Walmart.

Buy Gift Cards At Walmart In Person

Walmart offers gift cards in a variety of amounts from $25 to $500. To buy a gift card in person, you’ll need cash, a photo ID, and a printed copy of the card’s recipient’s name. Walmart will not accept a gift card in lieu of cash. The store expects that most people will buy gift cards online, but many Walmart locations allow you to purchase a card in person. If you have time before the end of the year and don’t need a specific amount, you can buy a gift card in bulk. Walmart also offers gift card printing services. After you purchase the cards, you can pick them up at the store.

Add funds to your Walmart gift card online

If you’d like to let someone easily add funds to their gift card, you can do this online. You’ll need the recipient’s gift card information, the card’s account number, the card’s PIN, and your bank account information. You can log into your account and add funds to a gift card from another person’s account, or you can use an app like Venmo or Zelle to transfer funds to a friend. Do note that once you add money to their gift card, the person can go to the store and use the money without asking you. You can only use gift cards online. If you want to give someone cash, you’ll need to go to a Walmart store and use the in-store pickup option.

Use the Walmart app and save even more

The Walmart shopping app will let you track your order as it moves through the supply chain. This can help you find out if your gift card has been shipped on time and give you a look at the status of your order. The app also lets you easily add funds to your card.

Take advantage of seasonal sales for better deals

You can use the Walmart app to see if there are any weekly or seasonal sales on gift cards. You can also search for specific items on the Walmart site or in the app to find deals on specific gift cards. You can also see if there are any Walmart cash-back apps available to earn you bonus points.

And don’t forget about cash back apps!

If you’re looking to add a little extra to your gift card, you can use a cash back app like Ebates or ShopBack. These apps let you earn one percent back on certain online purchases, including gift cards. Cash back apps typically have their own rules and policies, so make sure you know what you’re signing up for. The best cash back apps will let you search by store and category, and they also have a wide range of categories and stores. Once you save the gift card you want to add cash to, you can easily check your savings under “Walmart.”

Bottom line

Walmart gift cards are a great way to give someone a gift card that will let them choose whatever they want from a wide selection of products. You can also buy gift cards for people in person or online, and there are lots of ways to add funds to their card. If you’re looking for gift card ideas, Walmart is one of the best places to start.

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